All These Words is proud to announce a new addition to the team: Dr. Lauren Kim. Dr. Lauren brings to the table razor-sharp insight, freshness and clarity, and unconditional concern for the purity of gospel ministry, Christian witness, and the needs of Christ’s people. Look for Dr. Lauren’s posts here at All These Words around the 15th of each month, beginning this month.

It was my privilege to serve along side Dr. Lauren at Torch Trinity, where, among many other things, she taught church history from 2008 through 2016. Dr. Lauren recently succumbed to the lure of her home state of California. She now teaches history at Providence Christian College in Pasadena. She earned her PhD at the University of St. Andrews (Scotland), and she has an MA in historical theology from Westminster Seminary California and a BA in religious studies from the University of Southern California. See our about page for more on Dr. Lauren’s background.

Welcome, Dr. Lauren, to All These Words. We look forward to hearing from you.